Reading around the World

Dear Reader:

Happy New Year!

Yes, of course, WorldBookProject is still ongoing – I’ve so far read about a third of the places on my list. At the moment I’m at:

87 Cuba: Alejo Carpentier – Barockkonzert

It turned out to be a rather short novel, based on an opera by Vivaldi. Baroque Concerto seemed about music, conquest, travel, carnival in Venice, and how humans get to grips with new experiences. I found it rather quirky.

After having read 87 books, I can also tell you that 34 had been written by women (that’s roughly 40%), and 5 by a mixed group of female and male authors. So, when it comes to equality, I’m doing much better than when I did my first count (under 20% female authors back then). I certainly hope to reach 50:50, and I’m also already looking forward to the #Womenintranslation month in August.

Now, what to expect soon? I got some lovely books as Christmas presents – some places in the Caribbean, some small European countries, a couple of the Gulf states … Of course, if you’ve got a suggestion what book I should read for your country, please leave a comment.


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