J’apprendre français 1/30

Aujourd’hui c’est jour de ma premiere leçon en français. La prof est algerienne, et les étudiantes sont anglaise et allemande. Je suis heureuse que je peux apprendre cette langue parce que je veux lire les livres français.

Les corrections sont le bienvenu 🙂 .


Dinosaur of the week: White Stork

One of my favourite birds is Ciconia ciconia. This family was at home in Marchegg, Austria, in one of the biggest colonies of white storks in central Europe.

Generally, the species is doing alright, but threats include the continued loss of wetlands, collisions with overhead power lines, use of persistent pesticides (such as DDT) to combat locusts in Africa, and largely illegal hunting on migration routes and wintering grounds. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_stork#Conservation

Dinosaur of the week: Black-necked Grebe

Podiceps nigricollis spends its winter on salty lakes and coastal areas, and this is exactly where I found this adult in its non-breeding plumage: the lagoon of Venice. Urban birding rocks!

If anyone has a good idea how to take photos of birds moving up and down on waves and not to lose focus on the target, please tell me 🙂 .

Oran – The Theatre

Former Opera House and now used for the occasional concert or play, the theatre is way too underused in my opinion. theatre outside

My students tell me that there’s only sparse information available on the schedule. So we were rather lucky because the friend of a friend was going to perform there with a famous Algerian singer, and we managed to get some tickets.

The interior is the same style as the exterior. It’s not exactly what I like in terms of architecture or design, but it’s being kept in good repair.

The singer we saw is Lila Borsali. She sings in Arabic, Amazight and French in a style called musique andalouse in French. Lots of influences from Spain to Turkey make this really fascinating – check out her youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ekleila.