Six Little Storks

The White Storks in Devinska Nova Ves are doing very well. They have actually not five, but six chicks in their nest. This is an enormous clutch size, usually there are only four chicks.storks1 One week ago, one parent was still on the nest, presumably for protective purposes.

This week, the chicks can already be left alone. storks3They haven’t fledged yet, but are practising.

We also saw a group of about ten storks circling over the river Morava, a beautiful sight.storks2


Storks, Flowers and a Bumblebee

To set the scene, the river Morava (Slovak) or March (German):Morava March

Here come the White Storks, and their hatched offspring:storks feeding storks

Lots of flowers in bloom, good for all kinds of insects:poppies flowers centaurea cyanus and camomille

A Red Admiral:red admiral

A (probably) Red-tailed Bumblebee:bumblebee on lupin

And somebody had made a good meal out of a pheasant:pheasant feather