Dinosaur of the week: Southern Giant Petrel

southern giant petrel

There are about 10 000 species of modern-day dinosaurs extant and this week’s number 151 is Macronectes giganteus which I saw while crossing the Drake Passage from Antarctica to South America. The birds are endangered by fishing, both long-line and trawl.

Dinosaur of the week: Grey Heron

grey heron

I find Ardea cinerea fascinating. If you’ve ever watched one hunting you might understand why. This particular bird was finding food on the outskirts of Oxford.

On the other hand, their hunting skills are why the birds are persecuted in some areas. Another danger to them is the cutting of trees because they build their nests high up and they nest in colonies, so many birds are affected.

Dinosaur of the week: Eurasian Jay


This Garrulus glandarius was looking for food on a meadow in Oxford, England, UK, Europe. The species, unlike some Homo sapiens on the island, can plan for the future.

Dangers to these birds are the daft who use their feathers for fishing or decoration. On top of, that there are the silly who persecute them because of their natural habit of feeding on  newly hatched birds of other species.