Crossing the Drake Passage

Wonderful! We had such calm seas and sunshine, it didn’t feel like the notorious Drake at all.albatross The weather forecast, however, was not that brilliant, which is why we didn’t sail by Cape Horn. There is a poem by the Chilean writer Sara Vial (link to the Spanish original: Here is the English translation by Princeton University (

I am the albatross that waits for you
at the end of the world.
I am the forgotten souls of dead mariners
who passed Cape Horn
from all the oceans of the earth.
But they did not die
in the furious waves.
Today they sail on my wings
toward eternity,
in the last crack
of Antarctic winds.

The German translation as on wikipedia (
Ich bin der Albatros, der am Ende der Welt auf dich wartet.
Ich bin die vergessene Seele der toten Seeleute,
die zum Kap Hoorn segelten, von allen Meeren der Erde.
Aber sie sind nicht gestorben im Toben der Wellen,
denn jetzt fliegen sie auf meinen Schwingen für alle Zeit in die Ewigkeit,
wo am tiefsten Abgrund der antarktische Sturm heult.

We not only saw several species of albatrosses during the two-day trip, but also Cape Petrels, from below, sideways and above.cape petrel cape petrels

Giant Petrels came alongside, too. PetrelI might develop after all into a decent bird photographer, given time and practice with the right targets, somewhere south …