Oran – Construction

In my last post about Oran (https://spockisworld.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/oran-on-the-edge/) I mentioned the ubiquitous plastic rubbish and how nobody seems to care. I stand corrected, at least regarding the latter thoughts. Last weekend I saw quite a crowd of people gathering in the forest near our home. What I thought was a running event turned out to be the local version of a beach clean! So, yes, lots of rubbish, in particular way too much plastic, but people notice and act.

Oran is also a place where lots of construction is taking place. My colleague told me that many of these sites are in Chinese hands. That’s not exactly a cause for happiness among Algerians, because jobs on those sites also go to Chinese workers.  The park within this particular construction area seems to be a favourite spot among young people, especially couples.

From the same spot, but looking west one can see the building where my school is in – the complex with the green dome, half-hidden behind the three buildings-to-be. Then you

get just an idea of the port, and beyond that is the target for a weekend excursion: a hill with an Ottoman fortress on top. Stay tuned!

Oran – On the Edge

Oran is the second biggest city in Algeria. It’s also a major port with ferry connections to Spain and France. Apart from the harbour area, the coastline is formed by a rather high cliff where gulls and falcons can be seen sailing past.

Absolutely lovely. On the other hand, the cliff area is also used as a rubbish tip. Which is disgusting. And I leave it to your imagination what it might be that’s flowing out of that pipe.

Environmental awareness seems to be quite low, judging by the plastic bags everywhere. They can be found even in the trees in the scrubland behind our home.

On the bright side, the locals use this place as a spot for recreation, and we’re happy to join the crowd. People go for a run, play football, or just come to enjoy the view.

And this is the garden area behind the school. I’ve been told it’s possible to take the students out here. How about that for a classroom!