Around Lake Kuchajda

In the middle of Bratislavan hustle and bustle, Lake Kuchajda is an oasis of green and calmness. The other day, one of my students, whose office is near the lake, cancelled her lesson. Which gave me time to revel in the birds in, on and over the lake.

There were lots of hooded crowcorvids. Particularly impressive were the Hooded crows walking on the ice. I saw some jackdaws, too. They seemed equally interested in the human and her weird doings.jackdaw

The black-headed gulls managed standing on the ice with perfect headed gulls

The mallards, on the other hand, were much more agile on ice-free ground.mallards

I’m not sure this first-winter mute swan should still be labelled a cygnet. There was him/her, a sibling and what I assumed to be their parents. Regal!mute swan