Through the Lemaire Channel

Lemaire ChannelIt was a bit foggy in the Lemaire Channel. Navigating through this narrow piece of geography in between the Antarctic Peninsula and Booth Island, trying to evade the icebergs can’t have been easy, in the past or now.

The weather conditions successfully prevented big landscape pictures, but there was enough to discover close to the ship. tracksPenguins tracks covered several of the ice floes.

The penguins themselves porpoised through the water. porpoisingOr, when the fog lifted somewhat, we could see small colonies and the highways in between them.colony The ice floes were also good places to spot seals. This is a Weddell seal, I unfortunately missed the Leopard seal. Need to go again!seal

The ice itself was always worth a second look. Sometimes, it was possible to see the

When we left the Channel, the weather cleared and we were also reminded that we were not completely bereft of other humans.cruiseship