Mikkelsen Harbour on Trinity Island

Trinity Island is part of the Palmer Archipelago. It’s an important breeding area for shags, but we went there to see Gentoo penguins.ice First we had to negotiate a wet landing amongst the ice. Then there was a little hill to be climbed. lone gentooNot the one in the background. nesting areasGentoo penguins, like almost all other ones, build a nest which must be free of ice and water. For this, they need pebbles, and acquiring pebbles is an endless undertaking.on the nest pebble transportfemale gentooBoth males and females sit on the nest, but females have the dirty back from mating.spitting I have never seen penguins spitting before, but maybe someone annoyed someone else by stealing their pebble.Kelp gull Above all this mayhem, Kelp gulls keep a watchful eye for food opportunities. sunshineIt was yet another excellent landing.


Carcass Island Part 2 – Leopard Beach

Leopard BeachThe beach and the bay invited with their picturesque scenery, but we had not come here for the landscape or to have a swim.





We had come here because of them – Gentoo Penguins. Some of them really live up the hills.sandy beach




And others, in the company of Upland Geese, Kelp Geese and Magellanic Penguins, prefer the beach.marching




When a group of Magellanic Penguins really wants to go ahead, you better run. Even if you are a Gentoo Penguin.scratching




Then, you can give yourself a good old scratch. In perfect balance.porpoising





Or you hop into the water and porpoise a bit.