Petermann Island

We reached the southernmost point of our journey at 65°10′S 64°10′W on Petermann Island. It was sunny, foggy and sunny again, almost no wind. Hence ideal conditions for our last landing to visit the, at the moment, also southernmost colony of Gentoo penguins. Gentoos marching

I’m saying at the moment, because in the wake of global warming Gentoos are moving further south, while Adelies and Chinstrap penguins lose out. Their numbers are apparently falling. More information can be found here: and of course you can help by identifying and counting penguins here: The rookery on Petermann is also part of the Zooniverse project! gentoo with pebble

There is still a number of Adelie penguins on the island yet, and they were also very active, bringing pebbles or trying to steal them and then running away.adelie thief

Proudly presenting their eggs.adelie egg

But not always paying attention, to the Skua’s delight. skua egg

Some of the eggs, to the tourists’ delight, had already hatched. adelie with young

Blue-eyed shags also breed on Petermann, and this time their nests were right amongst the penguins.

Shag callingThe shag chick seemed quite active, but the parent kept on sleeping.shag young

Well, sadly, we had to say goodbye.gentoo mountain I’d dearly love to come again.