Dinosaur of the week: European Turtle Dove

This Streptopelia turtur was making the typical gentle purring noises to find a mating partner when we saw him at the RSPB reserve, Otmoor, last week.

Turtle doves are classified as a vulnerable species. Main dangers are farming practices and hunting, in particular spring hunting in Malta.


Dinosaur of the week: Dodo

April 22 is Earth Day. Raphus cucullatus as exhibited in Oxford’s Museum of Natural History is the unfortunate symbol of where we’re heading. The Age of Loneliness, or Eremozoic Era according to E.O. Wilson, is upon us. So I think his idea to set aside at least 50% of the Earth for non-human use only is a very good idea.

Dinosaur of the week: Common Chiffchaff

chiffchaffThe arrival of Phylloscopus collybita is always a sure sign that spring is in the air, even if the weather in Germany has been chilly for the last few days. I have to thank The Unknown Birder on the birdforum.net for helping me with the identification. Little brown birds are lovely, but not easy for a beginner-birder like me. On the bright side, I can ID this bird by its song.