Dinosaur of the week: Kurrichane Thrush

Kurrichane thrush

As you’ve noticed, this Turdus libonyana is out of focus because I had aimed for the glossy starling, which you can see as a blue blob in the bottom right. This species of thrush seems to be fairly common in southern Africa. However, we don’t know much about the population trend.


Dinosaur of the week: Cape Starling

cape-starlingThis Lamprotornis nitens was a curious little fellow in Hlane National Park, Swaziland. It’s also called a red-shouldered glossy-starling or Cape glossy starling. At first, I confused this species with Burchell’s Starling, but they have brown eyes, not yellow ones.

Apparently, the Cape Starling is able to see in the UV-spectrum and can therefore recognize different grades of ripeness of fruit.

Dinosaur of the week: Ostrich

ostrichI met this Struthio camelus a few years ago in Swaziland.

The subspecies Struthio camelus syriacus became extinct around 1966.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabian_ostrich: ‘The widespread introduction of firearms and, later, motor vehicles marked the start of the decline towards extinction of this subspecies.’