Dinosaur of the week: Hammerkop


Despite its duck-like look, Scopus umbretta is a wading bird. I saw this one a few years ago in Kruger Park.


Dinosaur of the week: Burchell’s Coucal

Many thanks to the birders on http://www.birdforum.net for helping me with the identification of this Centropus burchellii. I saw this one perched on some shrubbery while on a tour through Kruger Park. Fun fact: this bird predates on other birds up to the size of a dove.

Dinosaur of the week: Orange-breasted Sunbird

A few years ago, we had some time on our hands when we were near Capetown. So we spent a few days in Somerset West and visited the Helderberg Nature Reserve. There, we encountered this Anthobaphes violacea. The species needs fynbos vegetation to survive. So as long as there’s fynbos, there will be sunbirds (hopefully).

Dinosaur of the week: Brown-headed Parrot

A few years ago, during a visit to Kruger Park I saw this Poicephalus cryptoxanthus. Although the species is listed under a conservation status of Least Concern, it ‘is increasingly vulnerable to habitat loss and fragmentation with illegal capture for the bird trade of concern in Mozambique‘ (http://www.iucnredlist.org/details/22685317/0).