J’apprends français 9/30


Il y a six ans, nous étions au Oman. Mon mari avait un oud. Maintenant, il a un oud nouveau. Il apprend toujours jouer l’instrument. J’aime la musique arabique et classique, donc j’écoute un concert tous les jours.


Dinosaur of the week: Green bee-eater

This is a Merops orientalis (probably subspecies muscatensis) which I saw in Oman some years ago. Back then, I had a compact camera, and this photo was taken with a 93mm zoom. Bee-eaters actually eat a variety of insects, not only bees.

Dinosaur of the week: Lappet-faced Vulture

lappet-faced-vultureThis solitary Torgos tracheliotos was soaring high above Wadi Bani Khalid in Oman. Solitary for two reasons: firstly, this endangered species doesn’t live in big groups like other vultures. Secondly, and you may have guessed it, their numbers are in decline because of human intervention.