Faces of Mongolia

In 2006, I travelled to Mongolia for about one week to see the Naadam festival (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naadam). I only got a glimpse of what I thought was a fascinating and truly wild country.

In the Gobi desert, I experienced rain and met some kids.

In the capital, Ulaanbataar, everybody was out in their Sunday best.

The members of the armed forces were only a little suspicious of a photographer.

Some were just pretending to be in Star Wars.

And some had bigger bums than others.

Mongolian Memories

A long, long time ago, in a country far, far away:

There were skilled horsemen and brave fighters.

There were places where one could feel a force.

Great beasts could be discovered who had been slain by … the man with the camel?

But balance could always be found on the wanderer’s path.



For all the carnivores among you: Mongolian goat about to be cooked with hot stones in milk plus a meal in China’s Fuzhou, Fujian-province. Seafood for three people.

Fancy a snack of deep-fried spider in Cambodia? Or do you feel like a god / spirit / supreme (evil) being in Vietnam?

I’ll stick with these. Plus durian!