Dinosaur of the week: Upland Goose

upland goose

This flock of Chloephaga picta was strolling along a beach on Carcass Island, Falklands a handful of years back. The white one is  the male, the others are females. The birds are monogamous and their numbers are in decline.


Dinosaur of the week: Black-chinned Siskin

I saw this Spinus barbatus on Carcass Island. The species seems to be alright and one of the few lucky ones which isn’t threatened.


Dinosaur of the week: Black-browed Albatross

black-browed albatross

Thalassarche melanophris lives circumpolar in the southern oceans. I saw these two and their colony on West Point Island in the Falklands.

The numbers of the black-browed mollymawk are decreasing, and the species is labelled Nearly Threatened. Longline fishing kills the birds as does trawl fishing, and of course plastic intake kills too.