Dinosaur of the week: Common Moorhen

common moorhen

This Gallinula chloropus was taking a bath in the London WWT centre, which is definitely worth a visit. Although regionally extinct in Equatorial Guinea, the species is not under major threats in other areas. I’d love to write such words more often!


Dinosaur of the week: Egyptian Goose

Alopoegyptian goose

These two Alopochen aegyptica were part of a feral population in Regent’s Park, but I’ve also seen this species in southern Africa in its natural habitat.

The overall numbers of these geese are declining because of shooting and poisoning.

Dinosaur of the week: Western Marsh Harrier

marsh harrier

This Circus aeruginosus was flying over the reeds of Otmoor, an RSPB reserve. The species is facing threats like shooting and in Otmoor in particular habitat loss because some nitwits want to build another road in the area. If you’re like me not happy with this and you live in the UK or are a Brit, please consider signing this petition: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/217244 Thank you!