Germany – The big ones in southern Brandenburg

In my last post I wrote about encouters with small winged wildlife here in southern Brandenburg ( In this one we’ll have a look at some of the bigger birds. But to start with what’s still missing on my to-see list, I hope for encounters with Great Bustard, Black Stork and Spotted Eagle (great and lesser) in the not so distant future.

Red Kites are fairly common in the area and during the summer months Black Kites can be spotted too. It’s a common sight to have Red Kites being mobbed by corvids and even much smaller birds like pigeons and even tits or sparrows.

It’s been a good goose-year for me. At least on proper pictures, I learned to switch from ‘goose’ to greylag, white-fronted and bean goose. Since taking proper pictures is far trickier than that, I’ll leave the decision about species in these ones up to you.

The Lausitz is also a fabulous place for cranes. Nothing like a crane calling out in flight on a misty morning meadow walk! The birds breed here in their thousands and gather in even bigger flocks during autumn migration.

Going back to raptors, there are of course more species than kites. Kestrels, peregrine and sparrowhawk are all on the list. Something I’ve found to be a bit of a local specialty are the ospreys which have built their nests on pylons. So far, we have seen have a dozen of them, and most had occupants. Buzzards are a common sight, though not less welcome. What we’re always on the lookout for are, of course, the white-tailed eagles. And when you see them next to a buzzard you get an idea just how massive and marvelous they are.