J’apprends le français 20/30

Les médicaments.jpg

Jeudi dernier je tombai dans l’escalier. Je me blessai un peu au dos. Deux nuits insomnieuses.

J’enseigne un élève qui est un médecine. Il conseilla moi à ces médicaments. Maintenant, je m’améliore!


One thought on “J’apprends le français 20/30

  1. Oh dear! Get better soon!
    I think it should be ‘Je suis tombee’ with a grave accent on the first e. Also I think blessais has a final s. And if the pupil is male, he is a medecin.
    But I have forgotten a lot of my French.
    Do take good care of yourself.
    It is very cold here, and we think we may have snow on the way.
    We are not sure if the news on Brexit is good or not. It does seem to me that it is not acceptable to have a hard border in Ireland, and that must mean that somehow we stay in the Customs Union. Even if we try to pretend we are not staying!
    We have just had a nice Christmas package from your parents.

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