Exploring the East: Humenne

Moving on from Kosice further northeast, the train went through a lovely rural landscape of fields, green hills and castle ruins on top of hills. I arrived in Humenne around sunset, found Hotel Karpatia where I had booked a room for the night and settled in. The hotel was very close to the train station and proved to be a very good choice – quiet, clean, friendly staff, good food.

The next morning, I set out to explore the little town of Humenne. Firstly, I went up a hill on top of which I found a cemetery and fabulous views of the surrounding mountains.

cemetaryThe cemetery had a civilian area, but also a military one. In one part of the latter, Slovak and German soldier were buried together. The fallen soldiers from the Red Army had their own patch.russian cemetary

Too much contemplation of death on a Sunday morning is not so much fun I thought, so I ventured back into town to have a look at the local castle and its museum, but unfortunately that was closed. In the castle park, however, I found lots of other possible options. paths

I decided to enjoy the open-air museum exhibiting traditional Slovak houses from the times when the country was more rural. Judging by the photographs in some buildings, that was around the middle of the last century. I loved strolling around the mostly wooden houses – the smell is so homely! On top of that, the museum grounds are in an old orchard. Ripe plums and apples added to the aroma; and a tiny fellow found some food. black squirrel

The highlight of the museum was without a doubt the wooden church, formerly of Nova Sedlica, Slovakia’s easternmost village. Originally, this church was built without using any metal nails, but I think during the rebuilding a few bits of metal were added. Inside, photography was forbidden, but some of the icons on show were really handsome. wooden church

Humenne is really small, but had a welcoming atmosphere, and the town is also aware of its connection to world literature: schweijk

There’s even an outdoor gallery, well, kind of.  I think it’s really worth paying a visit to Humenne, and the surrounding hills promise very good hiking.gallery

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