Exploring the East: Košice

During the summer, I took a week-long holiday and ventured eastward to explore more of Slovakia. The furthest I had been so far were the mountains of the Mala Fatra region and the High Tatras, which are both amazing. This made me very curious about an area of Slovakia which even some of my students haven’t been to yet – the East.

So I got on a train from Bratislava to Košice which is the second biggest city in Slovakia. I only had a couple of hours to stroll around the Old Town centre. I was welcomed by the sight of the cathedral:

cathedral KosiceThe spires reminded me a lot of Oxford, as did the gargoyles. However, the ones in Košice are decidedly more exciting than the college ones in England:

gargoyle 1 gargoyle 2It was a sunny Saturday afternoon. People were out enjoying themselves. The main square exuded a peaceful atmosphere.

Kosice main squareAnd this tells you what people are up to after nightfall: shop


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