Brijuni National Park

Brijuni National Park is a group of islands off the coast of Istria, Croatia. There are plenty of boat cruises on offer, but, since it’s a protected area, it’s forbidden to set foot on most of the islands. But never mind, from the boat one has the chance to see quite a bit of scenery.

Brijuni National parkOn the biggest island, there’s a safari park with zebras and other non-Istrian animals. Don’t ask, politicians with excessively large egos were involved.

For the humble day-tourist, there’s an option to stay for a few hours on one of the islands and go for a swim or snorkel.


It is also possible to stay overnight on the biggest island – seems to be a ‘working’ retreat for Croatian politicians.

The Yellow-legged Gulls have learned to take advantage of the tourist trade. They know where to find a meal.

gull on roof feeding gullsIt seems to me that feeding the birds is not the best idea, but then mainly juvenile birds were accepting those handouts. The adults might have learned to stay away from humans. A sign of intelligence!gull

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