Embalmed cats are shipped in waterproof plastic bags

Thanks to having been on holiday, I’ve had ample reading time, also for some books which aren’t part of this project. And thank you also to Michael for recommending Naipaul – I struggled, but persevered, and it was worth it.

54 Bangladesh: Tahmima Anam – A Golden Age

This book is the first part of a trilogy, but when I read it, it made sense as a stand-alone work. I thought that using a family as an example to guide the reader through the Bangladeshi struggle of gaining independence worked well. The characters underwent some unexpected developments, so I’m looking forward to meeting them again in the remaining two parts.

55 Portugal: José Saramango – The Stone Raft

Not an easy read! However, although this novel must be the epitomy of density, it was utterly gripping. The Iberian Peninsula leaving Europe, and the world goes bonkers. Reminds you of something?

56 Trinidad and Tobago: V.S. Naipaul – The Writer and the World

The title of this post comes from this (at times highly amusing) collection of essays. It took me almost five months to finish this book (and this was the second try, the first one failed miserably). I found it in parts enlightening. There were, however, also essays which had me baffled, mostly because of my lack of knowledge of Caribbean history. All in all, I got some fascinating insights into the author’s world during the second half of the last century.


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