Kingfisher, Eagle & Beaver – Hooray!

A few days ago, we went canoeing on the river March. We were expertly guided by Barbara from the WWF March Nature Reserve. At the ‘Storchenhaus’ (Stork House), they offer lots of information and different kinds of tours for the public. If you ever head to Vienna, get on the train to Marchegg (it only takes about 45 minutes), spend a day there and enjoy the great Austrian wilderness! You can see the big stuff like storks and water buffalo or small stuff like the scarlet dragonfly.

It was our first canoeing ever, so we got instructions and a safety briefing first, then a sip of whisky, and the we headed into the great (un)known. It was terrific! So peaceful, sailing in between the trees, seeing white-tailed eagles flying by … Fantastic!canoe and March

During a stopover we could stretch, which was extremely necessary in my case. We found footprints of mussels and Grey Herons.

I also learned a new German word, ‘Tieflandfluss’. This is one of 25 words which describe a body of running water and it means ‘river flowing through a low-lying land with lots of pebbles and oxbow lakes’. Now you’ve learned something too 🙂 . Anyway, our guide told us a lot about the surrounding geological features, flora and fauna, so that was really worthwhile!

We saw plenty of sandpipers running along the shore, some of which might also have been plovers. The Black Woodpecker was very good at playing hide-and-seek, and the Kingfisher, as always, just splendid. We also saw lots of Grey Herons and even a couple of beavers, which was brilliant!

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