Black Storks and White Storks

The White Storks have recently been dealing with something new to their lives: flight. And landing.They didn’t mind my watching their rough and ready attempts, though.

white stork storklettsThe Black Storks, however, are much more elusive. So when I bumped into this lovely specimen during a stroll through the reed beds, we were both a bit surprised about that meeting.

black storkI took this next photo very close to the same spot in the reed beds, so I assume this is the whole family on an outing. Two of the storks looked quite small and not so sure yet on the wing.

black stork familyMeanwhile, daddy White Stork was busy catching lunch. (out of focus, photographing skills 101 failed, I know)

white stork with snakeOn really rare occasions – first time for me – one can see both species together. black storks and white stork


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