The Hare, the Stork and the White-tailed Eagle

Last weekend, on a splendid day in spring we went to the WWF reservation in Marchegg. We saw many gorgeous birds, amongst them our first Imperial eagle. Photos can be found here. Hares were munching away on the fresh grass, and the turtles basked in the sunshine.

hareturtles Bees, bumblebees and butterflies were also out and about, like this comma.

commaA very first sight for us was the Pied flycatcher. On top of that, I managed to take my very first picture of a jay, too.

flycatcher jaySo many firsts in spring – the number one Kingfisher of the year.

kingfisherNow, the bigger ones. The herons were already much quieter and mostly sitting on their tiny nests high up in the trees. The stork colony has begun to fill up, with a lot of nest building and mating going on.

white storkIn addition to the already mentioned Imperial eagle, we saw Sparrowhawk,  Marsh harrier, Red kite and Kestrel.

red kite kestrelBiggest of all was a hunting White-tailed eagle, and I’m actually a wee bit proud of these photos: finally some focused shots of a bird in flight with a 300mm lens.white tailed eagle 1 white tailed eagle 2


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