The Palace of Eggenberg – Gardens

The palace of Eggenberg within the city limits of Graz is a UNESCO world heritage site. One can opt either to only see the gardens, palace Eggenbergor to buy a ticket which allows one to visit the palace on a guided tour, the archaeological museum, a gallery and a numismatic exhibition. Since they had their first open day for visitors this year when we were there, we chose to see pretty much everything. This post is only about the gardens, though. The reason? The birds, what else? First and foremost, the pride of peacocks.

peacock peacock head peacock behind peahen peacock legs peahensIf you would like to see more, there are photos included in two earlier blogs (March II and March III about my reading project).

Well, compared with the ostentatious peacocks every other bird will look a bit drab. Nevertheless, they’re wonderful too!

hooded crow house sparrowLast but not least, here’s a mystery bird. Any idea what species he is?mystery bird


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