Over the Roofs of Graz

Right in the centre of town, Graz is mightily enhanced by the hill called Schlossberg. One can choose to take the lift up, or the funicular, but we walked. Great views!

view of Graz

The blue building that looks a bit like a toad is the Kunsthaus, the house of arts. The most famous feature of the Schlossberg is probably the clock tower.

clocktowerAnd when I’m talking about over the roofs … naturally, there have to be birds. People tend to dislike pigeons, but I find them remarkable. Sparrows should be paid much more attention anyway, since they are so much in decline in certain areas.

rock pigeon female house sparrow

Seeing a nuthatch or a hooded crow is always bloody brilliant! With the (willow) warblers I’m still struggling, but I hope I can learn a few more species this year.nuthatch warbler   hooded crow

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