Just before Easter, we woke up to thissnow in late March:

Luckily, the snow went almost as fast as it had come, and spring could continue as usual. We went on one of our little excursions to Marchegg to have a look around the WWF reservation.

The first storks were back, but the stars were the herons in their tree nests. How do they manage to rear young in something so flimsy?Grey Heron

The reservation is also home to a small herd of horses, the breed is called Konik.konik horses Of course, there were the smaller birds around. I’m not sure if the pipit is a meadow or a tree pipit. pipitKestrel, yellowhammer, chaffinch and black redstart showed up too.

kestrel Yellowhammer chaffinchBlack RedstartWe then walked to the lake Kleiner Breitensee which is an essential and protected area for migrating birds and a place to rest over the winter. There were pochards, mallards, geese (probably greylag geese), egrets great and little, lapwings and coots. Lake Kleiner Breitensee


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