Along the River Mur

During the Easter holidays, we spent some time in Graz. It’s the capital of the Austrian region of Styria and has the advantage of being very close to Slovakia, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia. Additional pluses include the surrounding hills, the breathtaking views of the Alps and the river Mur in the centre of Graz. The riverbanks are easily accessible and make for leisurely walks or more strenuous runs, if one feels like running. I don’t. In the middle of the Mur is an artifical island with a little restaurant.

MurinselThis island was part of some art project, and art in many forms features heavily in Graz. Graffiti seems to be quite popular; we even found what surely must be the world’s biggest robin.

graffiti robin graffitiLuckily, there were also real birds flying and swimming around. Here are two which I’d never seen before – goosander and dipper.goosander dipper


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