On A Bleak Day In Early Spring …

Our walk along the river Morava this morning was pretty amazing, despite a chilly wind blowing from the north. Several times, we saw a white-tailed eagle flying by:

white tailed eagle


And now guess whom that made extremely nervous? The newly arrived white storks, happily settled back on their nest near the bridge into Austria.


storks clattering1

Most of the time, however, they were quite calm, and we even saw them mating! Pictures of the act are on my husband’s blog, a post called Sex and Violence, together with some history of the female – we figured out her ring number. white storks


There was plenty of action going on around the nest area. Most vocal of all were some green and great spotted woodpeckergreat spotted woodpeckers.

green woodpecker





Other birds flying by included kestrels, cormorants and a pair of geese (geese?).


Further down the river, there was the usual muchness of mallards, and a first great egret.

great egret


In spite of ‘our’ storks being back, the long-tailed tits were my personal highlight today.long tailed tit

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