One from each country – January

This is a first update on my little reading project. I don’t have the energy to write a fully-fledged review for each book, but maybe a word or two. Just so I can keep track of what is happening in the book world.

Here are my read project books from January, countries/territories in alphabetical order.

  1. Canada: Atwood – Moral Disorder — like honey with chilli, delectable and disturbing
  2. England: Thubron – Shadow of the Silk Road — every turn of the road or page a new discovery
  3. Finnland: Rajaniemi – The Quantum Thief — incomprehensibly exciting
  4. Hungary: Kertész – Roman eines Schicksallosen — chillingly factual and deeply disturbing
  5. India: Ghosh – In an Antique Land — crisscrossing times, places, genres yet never losing its bearings
  6. Poland: Kapuściński – Another Day of Life — made me feel the heat and never wanting to go to Angola (something that needs to be rectified) (translation: I do want to go)
  7. USA: Greenberg – The 23 Greatest Solo Piano Works — great inspiration for my piano lessons
  8. Wales: Wynne Jones – Chrestomanci Series — magical and a gazillion times better than other young wizard books

There it is: I’ve read eight books and nothing to complain about. Instead, I thoroughly revelled in all of them. I’ve got to admit that this is a rather rare event. Usually, it’s even small inconsistencies within the story or fictional universe which I don’t like and which put me off a book. Less often, I’m not too happy about some author’s style or use of language. On top of that, regarding audiobooks the narrator can make or break the enjoyment of a story. In ‘Shadow of the Silk Road’, Jonathan Keeble created some new places and people in China, but on the whole his performance was still alright to my ears.

Well, so I can recommend all of the above mentioned books. Do you have any recommendations for me?

3 thoughts on “One from each country – January

  1. No recommendations at the moment. Just wanted to mention that Jane Alexander is a huge admirer of Wynne Jones. I might try to think of an Irish book for you to read. I’ll get back to you on that.

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