Sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus

The Peloponnese is covered in spectacular archeaological sites, five of which are a UNESCO world heritage site at the time of writing. We visited the sanctuary of Asclepius on a perfect winter day, meaning splendid weather and almost no other tourists. Judging by the size of the parking lot this is very different during the summer.

The most famous part of the site is the huge theatre. The acoustics are spectacular. I took a seat on one of the top rows and could not only hear people ‘on stage’ talking, rustling paper and dropping coins, but also hear the grains of sand moving under their feet.

Theatre Epidaurustheatre Epidaurus1

Walking around the vast area of the sanctuary was great fun. The ruins are well-described, so one gets a really good idea what the place might have looked like in its heyday. Even now, without any info, I thought it quite amazing.

Asclepeion2The on-site museum was smaller than expected, but well-organised and labelled. Many pieces found at the site can be seen in Athens – that’s another trip.

museum AsclepeionAlso the location of Epidaurus, the village Ligurio (and, confusingly, neither Palaia nor Nea Epidaurus), is beautiful. Small hills and olive groves, no big roads, just ideal for a sanctuary.asclepeion1

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