The Three Fortresses of Nafplio

Nafplio’s turbulent history provides the interested tourist with at least a day’s worth of excursion. At some point, it was capital of Greece, the Venetians and Ottomans ruled from here, and even during classical times it was already an important port and stronghold. Reason enough for us,palamidi fortress to venture out and see some remnanpalamidi3ts of Nafplio’s past.





A must-see and, at the same time, can’t-be-avoided is Palamidi Fortress which looms large on a hill over the town. Depending on the sun, it either glows or looks somewhat forbiddingpalamidi4. palamidi2





The number of stairs which lead up to the fortress varies according to source, but it took me about half an hour of leisurely walking and taking pictures along the way.

the stairs up to palamidiInside the fortress, there are eight smaller castles in different states of decay. The cold weather that day gave a good impression of how awful it must have been when some of those castle were used as prisons.

in palamidi2 in palamidi in palamidi 3Views, however, were breathtaking. This is the newer part of Nafplio.

nafplio new townOne can also see the second fortress, Acronauplio, and the third, called Bourtzi. The latter one is located on an island, and closed during the winter.

acronafplio and burtzinafplio and burtziAcronauplio still features a lion of St Marcus from the times of Venetian rule. Otherwise, it’s home to a lovely forest of prickly pears.acronafplio lionacronaflpio

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