Delightful Nafplio! Small town, great heart. A truly charming place nestled between a couple of hills and the sea.

NafplioNafplio makes for an ideal base to explore the eastern part of the Peloponnese. We stayed there for several days, in the lovely Atheaton pension. Fabulous host who is a fountain of information and serves a delicious mastikha.

We were lucky to be there off-season. The way shops tried to create and hold people’s attention screams of herds of tourists during the summer. It reaches from the philosophical to the ludicrous.

philosopy in Nafplio shop in Nafplio








The architecture is a quirky mix and mirrors the town’s turbulent history. I’ll post more on that at another time. Here are just some examples of what it looks like in the Old Town.

in Nafplio 3in Nafplio in Nafplio 2 grafiti in NafplioThe urban wildlife consisted mainly of cats. In the harbour waters, however, we noticed sea urchins who covered themselves with pebbles. Extravagant fashion!sea urchins

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