In My Parents’ Garden

The last weekend in September, I spent some wonderful days with my parents. They live in a hamlet in Thuringia, basically in the middle of nowhere. Which makes for fabulous wildlife watching. Kestrels, owls and bats breed close by. Great spotted woodpeckers and squirrels are common guests. The hedgehogs love the piles of old wood.

The two ponds are home to fish, frogs, toads and newts. Regular visitors include blackbirds and dragonflies:

thrush anax imperatorThe trees and hedges are equally popular:

wren starlings blue titBehind the house are fields, one of which was harvested while I was there. Dozens of buzzards and Red kites in the air together!

buzzard2 Buzzard1 red kite In the evenings, Grey herons make for their nearby night roosts.grey herons sunset