Weekend Highlights or How to Eat a Hare

Lovely butterflies are abundant now, e.g. this Lesser Purple Emperor:lesser purple emperor

Dragonflies and damselflies are in the air or in the trees (and notice the shadow!): blue damselfly

Hungry stork chicks are learning that hare is on the menu: storks2storks3

Afterwards, there’s a drink to be had: storks4

Stretching time, soon to be fledging time:storks5


Six Little Storks

The White Storks in Devinska Nova Ves are doing very well. They have actually not five, but six chicks in their nest. This is an enormous clutch size, usually there are only four chicks.storks1 One week ago, one parent was still on the nest, presumably for protective purposes.

This week, the chicks can already be left alone. storks3They haven’t fledged yet, but are practising.

We also saw a group of about ten storks circling over the river Morava, a beautiful sight.storks2