Mystery Birds

On our ramblings we see, and hear, a lot of birds and other creatures. However, more often than not, we don’t really know what we can hear or see. Websites like the NABU‘s or RSPB‘s are helpful when it comes to putting a name on things, as are fellow birders on twitter (@titodaking).

But sometimes, well, the bird remains a mystery. So, here are some pics – all taken since the beginning of April. The location for each photo is given, and you, dear reader, are invited to write into the comment section who the birds are. 🙂

The offer is a glass of wine / a cup of tea for each ID.

1 Near Sandberg, in the floodplain forest along the river Morava:

bird12 Near Devinske Jazero: bird2

3 Circling over the Danube floodplains in Austriabird3:

4 In the floodplain forest in Austria: bird4

5 Also in the floodplain forest in Austria: bird5


Scaly Things

During our recent walks, we not only observed small and large birds, but also other little creatures who enjoyed the warm spring sun.

On a stroll along the banks of the Danube and some oxbow lakes near PetrĹľalka, we stumbled across this lovely Sand Lizard.sand lizard

Up on the hill DevĂ­nska Kobyla, we found an Eastern Green Lizard, also lizard

He, or she?, was in the company of some Slow Worms.slowworm

We also went to the marvellous national park Donauauen, a huge area of floodplain forests between the Austrian-Slovak border and Vienna. Plenty of birdlife was to be seen, but this little gem too, a Peacock Butterfly.Peacock butterfly