Near Neusiedler See

A sunny Saturday, so where to go? This time we made our way to Austria, to Neusiedl am Neusiedler See. It’s apparently the second largest reed-area in Europe, after the estuary of the Danube. male mallardThe reeds are home to common sights like the mallard, but provide also a home to rare birds like the hen harrier. – Thanks again to @titodaking for helping with the ID! In hen harrierand around the wetland was a lot to be heard (e.g. coots), but kept well out if sight.

Human influence we saw everywhere: in the sky,

iron birdon the roofs,

plastic owland their pets on the ground. cat

Amphibians are coming out of hibernation: frogs

Starlings are back from their migration. starling

Old friends are still around (woodpigeon, Great spotted woodpecker, goldfinch and field sparrow).wood pigeon Woodpecker goldfinch field sparrow


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