Along the Border

The Slovak-Austrian border is a bit of a surprise. There is a hell of a lot of rubbish – old plastic stuff for the most part, beer cans (labelled in German and Slovak) and rusty bits of metal. However, one can find also some pretty good wildlife there – albeit mostly on the Austrian side. Deer came in abundance, grazing, running, and providing nourishment for others.deer1 deer2

The same can be said about the European hare.hare1hare2hare3

Although we’d picked a bit of a windy day for our excursion, the larks seemed completely unperturbed by the weather and sang. I’m not sure if this little fellow is a skylark or a crested lark, but he sang beautifully!lark

Buzzards went on circling above our heads or enjoying lunch on dead deer or rabbits.buzzard and Bratislava We also saw a number of pheasants, but they were always way too fast for us and flew away. The highlight of our little excursion was the Great Bustard. The species is endangered, so we were very happy to, firstly, see them at all, and on top of that, see three different flocks with each about 15 to 25 individuals. greatbustards1greatbustards2


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