Around Lake Kuchajda

In the middle of Bratislavan hustle and bustle, Lake Kuchajda is an oasis of green and calmness. The other day, one of my students, whose office is near the lake, cancelled her lesson. Which gave me time to revel in the birds in, on and over the lake.

There were lots of hooded crowcorvids. Particularly impressive were the Hooded crows walking on the ice. I saw some jackdaws, too. They seemed equally interested in the human and her weird doings.jackdaw

The black-headed gulls managed standing on the ice with perfect headed gulls

The mallards, on the other hand, were much more agile on ice-free ground.mallards

I’m not sure this first-winter mute swan should still be labelled a cygnet. There was him/her, a sibling and what I assumed to be their parents. Regal!mute swan


Avian Adventures

The recent spell of sunshine and, after a really work-laden week, some free afternoons made for a good combination to look for birds around Dubravka. With some I’m not too sure about their ID, so you’re welcome to comment and correct! 🙂

With the ID of the hawfinch I already had help – thank you to Tomas for that.hawfinch

Male and female blackbirds have already been showing courtship behaviour.

male blackbirdfemale blackbird Spotting their cousin, the fieldfare, wasn’t easy, and I had never seen one before, as far as I know. fieldfare

Bullfinches are particularly beautiful with their red chests. bullfinch

I also like the collared doves, and, yes, I’collared dovemagpiem fascinated by magpies!

In some places, several species could be found together, like blue tit, greenfinch and coal tit. There was also a chaffinch hopping just out of the photo.bluetit grenfinches coaltit It never fails to surprise me how much birdlife can be found in the small green spots between the concrete high-rise blocks of flats. There are even goldfinches!goldfinches

Snowy Episodes

Within the last two weeks, we had wintery ups and downs here in Bratislava. Snow came, saw and was victorious over the public transport system.snow road snow signOr basically anything that wasn’t flying or, wisely, stayed in bed like Floh. FlohThe snow looked, however, rather beautiful, once you didn’t have to catch the bus or tram to the next class – and I had many, because of cover lessons for sick colleagues.treechurch Getting up early in the morning gave me a chance to admire the moon setting over Devinska Kobyla, but rising early means for me being to sleepy to focus or get the tripod.Moon And eventually, the sun came out again, and the transport system worked again … Dubravka1 KarlovaVes