Around Pajštún

Snow and ice being gone again, we used the fairly good weather for a long walk around a ruin of a castle called Pajštún, near the small town of Stupava north of Bratislava. It is popular with local climbers. I liked the gargoyles best.gargoyles But we had actually ventured out to find some of the local wildlife. For quite a while, all we could admire were the trees treeand their roots.




beech root


The blueish bit on the left is a hidden scottish tourist.


Then the birds started putting in an appearance. Nuthatches were quite common.nuthatch Also two kinds of tit, the great titgreat tit and, I’m almost certain with the ID, the marsh tit.marsh tit Very audible, yet hard to spot was the great spotted woodpeckergreat spotted woodpecker. eurasian collared doveEqually elusive were the eurasian collared doves we found in a tiny hamlet. The rooks, however, were guarded, but came a lot closer. rookWe also spotted some deer, but they were too fast for me. Whereas this shoat isn’t running anywhere anymore.dead piglet

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