A Visit to the Penguin Post Office

Port Lockroy – British history 64° south. If you are interested, their website is great: http://www.ukaht.org/. It’s a magnificent place to be, especially in sunshine. Base AMuseum The tiny island where it is located is also home to a Gentoo colony, and yes, part of the Zooniverse project http://www.penguinwatch.org/. The BBC made, helped by the people who work at the UK’s southernmost post office, a film about the place, aptly called ‘Penguin Post Office’. Watch it!

The penguins have one addition here to their life. They can, and sometimes do, stand to attention.flag

Or they just get on with pebbles and breeding.

It was really a gorgeous day, so we spent only a few minutes inside the quirky museum. Life as it used to be here, one of the people working there even turned on the old gramophone, playing Frank Sinatra, I think. Not entirely my time or music, but it was great fun. window

Again outside, we needed to be careful not to trip over the Snowy Sheathbills. snowy sheathbillThey were busy scavenging in the penguin poo. The Antarctic Skuas were trying to finish their acrobatic mating business, it looked successful.skua 1 skua 2

This must be the most wonderful post office to work in. I shall definitely keep that in mind as an option to come back here.mountain 1 mountains 2 mountains 3


4 thoughts on “A Visit to the Penguin Post Office

  1. Just saw your posting about the “Penguin Post Office” film and wanted to let you and your readers know that the PBS series NATURE will be airing that program on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 8pm (ET) on public television stations in the U.S. (check local listings). It should also be available to view online (www.pbs.org/nature) following the broadcast for a designated period of time in U.S. & territories due to the program’s rights.

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