Fortuna Bay

Here is a map (courtesy of Hurtigruten) to put our South Georgia landings in context. Fortuna Bay greeted us with rain and low-hanging clouds, but since we were well-equipped for this kind of weather, off we

There were Fur Seals again! By now, a lot of people had developed a somewhat not-so-friendly view of the young males, but the pups made up for this. Fur Seal pupIt has to be said, however, that less than half of them make it to adulthood. Fur Seal pup dead

The Elephant Seal females were moulting and happy to be left alone. Elephant Seal moultingIt was quite rare to see them active, especially with the males mostly off to feed in the ocean. active Elephant Seals

The highlight of course was the local King Penguin colony, which accidentally is also home to a few Gentoos. The Kings can grow up to one meter in height. King and GentooKings walkingThere was a lot of coming and going, quite a bit of preening, Kings preeningKing feedingmoulting and the occasional feeding. The juvenile fluffballs can’t swim yet and thus can’t catch their own food. They need to moult and grow their adult plumage first.Kings and humans The penguins don’t seem to mind the humans, and people were paying attention to keep their distance and give the birds right of way. If you have enough patience and don’t mind waiting in the rain, the curious ones will come and inspect you. Scot and King

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