Around Cape Pembroke

After leaving Carcass Island, Fram headed towards East Island overnight. For the map, please see here. She docked in Port Stanley, and we went on a bird watching excursion. A pleasingly small group of half a dozen passengers plus Expedition Team member John (his website is great) and two local guides, we set off in a minibus and were driven to the easternmost point of the island.BrianBrian, one of the local guides.Cape Pembroke He was full of fascinating stories and a fountain of bird knowledge. View from Cape Pembroke towards Port Stanley. The area saw a lot of fighting during 1982.Upland Geese These Upland Geese are swimming in an old bomb crater.Rufous_chest Dotterel juvenile We saw plenty of bird life, so those pictures here are just some examples. This juvenile Rufous-chested Dotterel seemed completely unperturbed by the humans.Rufous_chest Dotterel adult The adult one was a bit more wary.Magellanic Snipe I was fascinated by the Magellanic Snipe. They are extremely well camouflaged.Turkey Vulture If you look closely at the beak of this Turkey Vulture, you can make out a big opening. They hunt by using their sense of smell. I took this photo with a 250mm lens, so you can imagine how close the bird camGauchids Orchide!Dog Orchid We also spotted some of the local plant life. The outstanding discovery was these two orchids. The top one is a Gaudichaud’s Orchid, the bottom one a Dog Orchid (no idea where that name comes from). All in all, a fabulous excursion. If you want to see more, you can go to my husband’s blog:

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