Falkland Islands – West Point Island Part 2

On our goarseway back from the colony at Devil’s Nose (see last post) the Sun came out and lit up the quite colourful landscape. The gorse was beautiful and home to some small singing birds.




I went for the bigger ones, however. This is also due to the fact that I was using a 200mm lens, while my husband used the 400mm one.

There were Caracaras on the ground.


Turkey Vulture


And there were Turkey Vultures up in the air.



Kelp Geese


Families of Kelp Geese were looking for food on land, and we saw also flocks of Upland Geese swimming in the water.




Close to the water were also Oystercatchers, and in the water yet another highlight – Peale’s Dolphins.



Magellanic Penguin

The place is a popular with Magellanic Penguins. They dig burrows in the ground and use them for breeding.

It was an amazing first landing, and it exceeded all my expectations.

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