Falkland Islands – West Point Island Part 1

Falklands map

courtesy of Hurtigruten

We did three landings on the Falkland Islands: West Point, Carcass and Stanley.

I learned at ‘Fram University’ that the islands are geologically part of the Table Mountain Supergroup. Argentinian? British? Nonsense – they are African!

West Point IslandThe very first impression was somewhat bleak, but we soon spotted a handful of porpoising Magellanic penguins close to the ship. Hurray to our first penguins!

Since the 200-odd passengers were divided into 8 boatgroups, we had to wait a little bit until our #3 was called.

treesWe made it happily onto the shore near the island’s only settlement. There was an option of homemade cookies and tea, but whereas my hobbit stomach under normal circumstances would never decline such an offer, I wanted to see the cliff and the colony! And off we wandered, towards Devil’s Nose.

cliffI was wondering a bit why those people there were stopping and their cameras clicking away … so I approached and found myself in a state of shock.albatross Being eye-to-eye with a black-browed albatross with a wingspan of more than 2 meters makes you feel humble. And there were hundreds of them! And hundreds or possibly thousands of rockhopper penguins! I was utterly gobsmacked.colony1 colony2 colony3All of them courtshipping, mating or brooding. And how did those little penguins get up this steep cliff? Well, they hop, and they can hop their own body height in one go. I am going to say a lot more about penguins in later posts. For now I was captivated by the albatrosses – seeing them has been a childhood dream. me

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