Tierra del Fuego

lagoacigamiblackneckedswansActually, before we went on board we spent a couple of hours in the Tierra del Fuego National Park near Ushuaia. It’s very close to the Argentinian-Chilean border, so some of the mountains in the picture are on the Chilean shores of the lake. If you can’t see the mountains, it’s because of the rain clouds.

The National Park is a fab place for birding. We spotted those Black-Necked Swans, but only from the bus.patagoniansierrafinch

Other species inlcuded Upland Geese, Caracara, different kinds of ducks and a handful of singing birds.


This Patagonian Sierra Finch was also willing to have his picture taken.

We saw a endofpanamericanhighwaybeaver, too and a couple of Gray Foxes. Pics might appear in due course on www.chinese-poems.com/blog.


Tierra del Fuego calls itself the end of the world. Don’t know why – guys, there is another continent right on your doorstep! Anyway, this is what the end of the Pan-Amercian Highway looks like. More than 17000km from here to Alaska, or two days on the Drakes Passage down to Antarctica.


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