Porteño Culture

casa minimaToday’s stroll took us to the area San Telmo. It’s a bit touristy along a particular cobbled street, Defensa, which also had a kind of flea market going on. Since we aren’t the market kind of people, our detours via the parallel side roads offered all kinds of surprises, such as Casa Minima.





mural axolotlThere were also loads of murals. The Axolotl has its appearance here, the others get their own blog post.

Viva la evolucion!



El ZanjonOur main target of the day was El Zanjon. It’s an old brick building, reconstructed, and it’s got tunnels. The quirky bit is, the tunnels follow subterranean rivers which flow into each other and then into the Rio de la Plata.


El AteneoAfter so much wandering we deserved a break and enjoyed the local version of hot chocolate called submarino. The place, which looks like a bookshop set in a theatre, is a bookshop in a theatre, and it’s beautiful. Very atmospheric to have one’s snack on stage with books as audience!


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