Here I am, happily procrastinating when actually I should be writing my final end-of-module assignment … Dreaming about going on holiday is much more fun, however.



The Tale Of The Little Boy And His University

Once upon a time, in a country far far away and perhaps called Vietnam there was a little boy who had a rich father. Then, there was Christmas, and the little boy begged his rich father: ‘Daddy, do I get a university?’ So, the university was erected and perhaps called EIU and some of its buildings were finished and the rain came through the roof.

The little boy wanted some foreign teachers to teach at his new and shiny university where the rain came through the roof, so they came because they thought it might be good work. The little boy appointed a good Chief of the teachers but kicked him out after a while, and almost all the teachers were sad.

Then, the little boy appointed a new Chief, and almost all the teachers (except the lazy sods) breathed easier because she knew her trade. But the little boy made her life hard. And there was one of the teachers, who knew nothing of his trade, but he knew how to sweet-talk and to brown-nose the little boy.

And again, after a year was over, the Chief protested about the silly things she and her teachers were forced to do and the little boy ignored her and so she left. And the arse-licker gloated and smirked. But there were some teachers who were sad, and they wanted to leave too. But the little boy stamped his little foot, and then he kicked them in the arse.

But they left in the end, and the little boy and the arse-licker sanctimoniously welcomed new teachers. The rain came through the roof, and the students failed their exams. So, the little boy kicked almost all the teachers in the arse, and he and the brown-noser lived happily ever after. The end.

The moralistic NB:
So if you believe this is true,
Do not work for this EIU.
Even if you work hard,
It will all fall apart.
In the end it comes all down to you.

The linguistic NB: Of course, as an intelligent reader you will know that not all fairy tales are true. However, …